Claire Rechnitzer alexander Technique Teacher

About Myself & My Teaching Approach

I have been teaching the Alexander Technique since being certified by The American Society for the Alexander Technique in June, 2008.  Prior to that I had several series of lessons for a variety of reasons; first, to get rid of lower back pain and muscle spasms related to my occupation as a bench jeweler, and later to help me stay coordinated and buoyant during my pregnancies. A few years later I took an additional course of lessons in order to explore the nature of learning, a topic that preoccupied me during the years that our kids were attending a democratic school.

An appreciation for the collaborative nature of transformative learning is what ultimately inspired me to train as a teacher and continues to fascinate me on a daily basis. Alexander Technique has a built-in component of self-discovery that I thoroughly enjoy sharing. Granted, most folks initially contact me for specific pain-related issues but soon find the Technique has all sorts of fringe benefits that surprise me as much as they do my students. It never gets old.

I am a member of AmSAT, the largest professional association of certified Alexander Technique teachers in the United States and have served on the editorial team of of the AmSAT Journal. I enjoy reading and writing about the technique. You can read some of my reviews on select Alexander Technique books at