Ease Within Reach

Private Lessons

Scheduling and Fees:

Weekly private lessons are 45-50 minutes and cost $65

Shared lesson: $90

3 lesson pack:  $180

10 lesson pack: $550

Other arrangements may be made for students in need of financial consideration or for those scheduling more than one lesson per week.


Frequency: In the interest of effectiveness, lessons should be booked at least once a week. Schedule permitting, I encourage beginning students to consider taking two or three half-hour lessons per week for the first one-to-three weeks. Like any learning that relies on time in the saddle, laying a quick foundation will reinforce psychophysical memory and build confidence.  The number of lessons required varies from student to student – I can generally give people a better answer after an initial consultation, but I do promise practical tools and measures of insight right from the start.
What to Wear: Unless you are interested in exploring movement with particular clothes such as a costume, uniform or stilettos (can do, no kidding…), any lose-fitting pants and top will do. Working without shoes is preferable during lessons, clean socks are appreciated.
What to Expect: Alexander Technique is taught by means of verbal instruction with hands-on support and guidance. During siting, standing and walking activities, teachers guide students by touching their heads, neck, back and arms. (Additional activities may be practiced in accordance with each student’s particular interests.) Usually, a short portion of each lesson is devoted to lying-down work; the student lies on his or her back on a body-work table or on a mat on the floor while the teacher gently moves the student’s head and limbs.   
Cancelations: A reasonable heads-up (meaning not last-minute) is fine. I can’t guarantee the full allotted time for late-comers.