Alexander Technique Resources


Alexander Technique is wonderful though admittedly difficult to describe — which is probably why Mimi and Eunice creator Nina Paley says she hasn’t given up on Alexander Technique though “some of its most vocal advocates have their heads up their asses”.

Though best experienced with a teacher, there are plenty of Alexander Technique books and websites with worthwhile food-for-thought and information on the history, development and application of the Alexander Technique. 

Alexander Technique Professional Organizations

There are several international Alexander Technique Societies with information rich websites. I recommend the following credentialing bodies: 

Recommended Reading & Book Resources

F. M Alexander published four books in his life time. I recommend that beginners read the third book: (Several editions are available.)

  • ​Man's Supreme Inheritance 1918  
  • Constructive Conscious Control of the Individual 1923  
  • The Use of the Self 1932  
  • The Universal Constant in Living 1942

Additional books written by first and second generation teachers are available from the AmSAT Book Store, Mornum Time Press, Mouritz, Amazon, and some titles are available from the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County. (You should try your own library too!)