What People Are Saying

Powerfully Effective

"I came to Claire with the baggage of years of chronic lower back pain and many futile attempts at treating it. She showed me a ridiculously simple, but powerfully effective daily exercise of lying down, which allows my spine to fully extend and recover. I do it religiously now (and combine it with meditation—talk about multitasking, right?!) She also gently taught me how to change the way I sit, stand, walk, and do everyday activities to minimize the strain on my back. As a result, I have been nearly pain-free for the last 8 months, and have a go-to routine to help my back heal when I do something to hurt it. Claire is my hero! "       

Susan Wenner Jackson,  Journalist, Writer

Applies to Everyday Life

"I learned so much from my AT sessions with Claire that I have been able to apply to movement in my everyday life. Best of all, I feel that I have been able to continue to use the learning I gained, even after my lessons were over. Claire was a great instructor - very patient and helpful. I really appreciated that she adapted her feedback to best suit my learning style."

Sharron Norris, Early Childhood Educator


A Natural Teacher

"I am very glad that I was referred to Claire for Alexander lessons. Claire is a natural teacher who obviously has a deep commitment to the practice of this body therapy. I enjoyed the benefits of her attentiveness to my individual situation, and interest in my well-being. My condition improved significantly and to my satisfaction."

  Anita S., Integrative Nutrition & Wellness Specialist

Helped In So Many Ways

"I am 73 years old and suffer from spinal stenosis.  I also have had two hip replacements. Through the years, Claire has helped me in so many ways. Claire has modified my daily workout regimen and suggested certain movements that are more effective for me in my daily exercise routine. She suggested how to better use my limbs more effectively.  She also suggested some additional exercises and helped me to use a new rollator walker better.  Claire gave me marvelous advice.  I am so very fortunate to have such an excellent teacher so nearby."   

Linda Nesivisky, Artist & Author

Feeling Relaxed & Buoyant

"I began lessons in Alexander Technique with Claire for relief of my lower back pain.  From the very first session, I knew that I was in "good hands" -- both literally and figuratively.  Claire is a personable, skillful, and gentle teacher (with a good sense of humor).  Each session was enjoyable and included instruction in a variety of postures and exercises that left me feeling more relaxed and buoyant.  My back pain is now a thing of the past, but I continue to do the "semi-supine lie-downs" Claire taught me...just for the fun of it!"  

Sally Schneider, Women Writing for a Change